Tennis, Pickleball and Bocce at The Sanctuary are available seven days per week on Hydro-courts (sub-surface irrigation).  These “soft” clay courts, four Tennis, four Pickleball, two Bocce minimize impact to the body.  The Director of Court Sports, Christie Bradley, USPTA, IPTPA provides a Court Sports program that includes a combination of weekly and special complimentary events.  Private and group lessons, as well as matching services, are available year-round.  Merchandise and racquet repairs are also available.  The Sanctuary Members enjoy these sports with beautiful views of subtropical foliage, a lake and often an eagle sighting.  Our Court Sports Program welcomes all levels, it is best described as social enthusiasm and a smidgen of competition.  The Sanctuary Members are fun-loving champions who enjoy:


·      Eight Weekly Tennis Round Robins
·      Four Schedule Weekly Clinics
·      Five Weekly Pickleball Round Robins
·      Tennis and Pickleball Mixers
·      Bocce Basics and Bocce Social Events
·      Club Championships for both Tennis and Pickleball
·      Challenge Matches against other Clubs
·      Kids Sports Camps

Expect a healthy lifestyle...